What is required to register for the mens leagues?

We keep statistics for all our mens sports so numbered jerseys are required. If you are looking to order some please contact us for discounts. 

What are your hours?

Open all the time at this website. Help is available a majority of the day via email/text/calls/ and live chat on our website.

Where are you located? 

KC Sports Leagues runs independant leagues in different areas of the city. If you need to mail in a check or obtain a meeting call us and we'll make arrangements.

How old do you have to be to play?

18 to enter, 21 to drink

What is the deadline to register for leagues?

Please note the deadlines for each specific league registration. Typically registration closes one week before play begins, unless the league fills up beforehand. All registrations are accepted on a first come, first served (paid) basis. We offer no preferential treatment. When all allotted space in a league fills up, registration will close, and a waitlist will open. Some of our leagues fill more quickly than others, so we always encourage people to register as quickly as possible. 

How do I register?  

The quickest way is to register through our website using your credit card. Go to our Leagues Page, find the sport you are interested in and click register. We do not hold or guarantee any spots until the full account balance has been received. *Kickball league registration is done through our partner site www.kcbigballs.com

I'm new to Kansas City/I'm too lazy to invite my friends/I dont have any friends but I'd still like to play.

In most of our leagues we offer both team and individual registration (Free Agent). If you go to the sport of your choice and click on “upcoming leagues” you will see the option to sign up as a Free Agent. If you sign up as a Free Agent we will place you together with other individuals that sign up to form a team. You can also check out our website message board to see if any teams are looking for an extra player.

How do I get on the same individual team as a friend or co-worker of mine?

If you are signing up as an individual we can get you and your friend(s) on the same team depending on availability. After registering, send an email to kcsportsleagues@gmx.com with your buddy/co-worker request and we'll make it happen for you.

When can I expect to hear about my team or schedule for the league I signed up for?

We typically post league schedules one week before the league starts. This is all dependent on registrations and when a league fills up. Individuals can expect to hear a few days before the league starts about their team and the players on their team. All communication is done via email

Can I bring a sub?
Yes. Teams are allowed to use subs, provided that that all subs are pre-registered as a guest on the website. Sub cost is $5 per game and may not sub more than twice per season.

How long in the season?

Most of our leagues work on a 6 week regular season, followed by a single-elimination playoff tournament. Some leagues are shorter, but will be specifically denoted.

How long do we play for?

Most of our games run for one hour. We list a window of time that each league runs for, and you will play one hour within that time frame. Your game times will rotate each week throughout the season. Flag Football and Kickball Leagues are almost always double-headers

When will we receive our t-shirts?

All of our co-ed participants get a league t-shirt. T-shirts will be distributed at your first game.

What is the sponsor bar? What if we have our own sponsor?

For all of our leagues we promote a sponsor bar. This is a place for all teams to go and get drink or food specials at a great bar close to the facility. Many teams get their own sponsors. This is acceptable. It is a great way to help defray your cost for playing in the league. Each bar does it differently, but contact the bar and see what they are willing to offer to sponsor your team in our league.

Can we change our team name?  

A team captain can change a team’s name at any point in the season.

What is your refund policy?  

As we work to create leagues sometimes we may have to shift some things around. As such, we cannot offer a refund to anyone. The ONLY exception being if we have to cancel a league or activity. If an unforseen circumstance should occur and we have to cancel something we will offer a refund to anyone directly effected by the cancellation. In the case of excessive cancelations due to weather or any other circumstances causing a  reduction in the number of games played there will be no refund or credit for games not played or not scheduled.  KCSL reserves the right to host games on days other than a normal day of regular season play, and at alternate locations from those originally designated if necessary.  Should a league be cancelled entirely, y
ou may also wish to participate in a future league of your choosing at no additional expense.

I disagree with some random refs call and want to complain about it 

I dont care

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