From the age of 12, I (Cyrus) was playing in flag football leagues and tournaments quite a bit. For over 13 years, I'd search for GOOD orginazations to play in and usually just settle on which ever one was good ENOUGH. Eventually I got sick of it and decided to stop looking for the perfect league and just create it. My philosophy was that a league/tournament is much more than just having a field and putting a couple referees out there and collecting your money. A league should be an experience. A league should be about making memories with your friends and taking down your rivals. Sports are the only honest and fair thing we have in life (no matter how bad you want to blame the referees)

Anyways, in 2010 I created and loe and behold it was awesome. It got so popular that I eventually had to stop playing and just start running the thing. Once I realized I could be successful at this, I branched off into new sporting ventures and in 2015, we'll have over 5,000 players sign up for KC Sports Leagues in 8 different sports. 

I'm still at the fields/courts every week, because like i said I don't believe in just throwing you a couple referees and wishing you good luck. However, I may not be able to get to know everyone personally like I used to. Rest assured, if you ever have questions or concerns.... or just generally want to blame me for all the problems in your life. Feel free to give me a call/text @ 913.909.9236 or email

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